Google Cardboard VR Kit Lens Pair

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Low Cost Precision Plastic Optics

Product Applications
•Consumer & Industrial

OEM Applications
•Projection Display
•Telecom Optics
•Safety Products
•Barcode Scanner Optics
•Printer Lenses
•Home Theater Systems
•Flight Simulators

Product Line
•Aspheric Lenses
(paraboloid, hyperboloid, ellipsoidal)
•Spherical Lenses
•LED Lenses
•Sensor Lenses
•Collimating Lenses
•Diffractive Optics
•Fresnel Lenses
•Cylindrical Lenses
•Plastic Windows
•Aspheric Mirrors
•Free Form Surfaces
•Micro Lens Arrays
•V Groove Gratings
(back light panel application)
•Plastic Prisms
•Rod Lenses
•Injection Molded Mechanical Parts
Plastic Optics

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Now Your Company can save money on custom made plastic optics.

Small prototypes to large production runs. Diamond Turning to Single cavity to Production molds.
We offer cost saving solutions to fit your budget.

We offer a large selection of stock plastic lenses to simplify your design process and save tooling cost.

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Plastic Optics

Plastic Optics

Plastic Optics
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Plastic Optics
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